Summer 2020



Problems are not a sign of failure, but an opportunity for growth. 

The goal of the WVJLAP LapQuest is to better connect the WVJLAP with our JLAP volunteers, JLAP participants and State Bar leaders and staff.  All subscriptions are confidential and anonymous…no one will know the WVJLAP e-Newsletter is in your inbox unless you give them access to your inbox. We are also accepting article submissions from anyone who may be interested.

Our hope is that the WVJLAP e-Newsletter provides a small dose of inspiration to you in your day-to-day law practice, and reminds you that you are not alone with whatever frustrations or issues you encounter in your legal career and life.


Law School Wellness

Read the Report on CoLAP’s Law School Wellness Survey published in the AALS Journal of Legal Education

Recognizing Depression

Check out this excellent blog post from the Texas Bar and the Texas Lawyer Assistance Program. A lawyer living with depression shares his advice and experience.

Burnout Prevention

Read this great article addressing burnout in the legal profession, and how Wellness Is the New Competitive Advantage of High-Achieving Attorneys and Law Firms. 

Listen to Brian Cuban, author of “The Addicted Lawyer,” share his story.