Lawyer Well-Being Week

    Lawyer Well-being Week Activities

Participation across the legal profession is essential for making Lawyer Well-Being
a top priority!  Well-being in the profession was never more important than
right now in the wake of a global pandemic.

This Guide gives day-by-day recommendations to assist members of the legal profession in improving their well-being.   

Remember, in order to effectively care for the well-being of others, we must first take care of our own well-being!   


MONDAY, May 4th             STAY STRONG (Physical Well-Being) 


ARTICLE:  Manage Your Energy Not Your Time


VIDEO:  The Brain-Changing Benefits of Exercise



TUESDAY, May 5th              ALIGN (Spiritual Well-Being)         


ARTICLE:  Judges’ Well-Being and the Importance of Meaningful Work  The article explains the importance of meaningful work to health, happiness, and performance. It provides
meaningful work strategies that apply to everyone, not just judges.





WEDNESDAY, May 6th     ENGAGE & GROW (Career & Intellectual W-B) 


ARTICLE:  3 Science-Backed Reasons Having a Hobby Will Help Your Career




THURSDAY, May 7th          CONNECT (Social Well-Being)


ARTICLE:  To Be Happier at Work, Invests More in Your Relationships


VIDEO:  WVU College of Law: Defining Success During the COVID-19 Pandemic


FRIDAY, May 8th                   FEEL WELL (Emotional Well-Being)



Well-Being Strategies for Solos and Small Firms: Building Resilient Work Cultures