What is the WVJLAP Monitoring Program?


Empowering monitoring and compliance for agencies and professional programs for over a decade.

The most recognized, accredited and experienced Third Party Administrator since 2006, Affinity understands how critical successful compliance outcomes are for public agencies, their participants and public safety.


Bringing efficiency, accountability and trust to drug testing and compliance monitoring

Since entering the compliance monitoring market over a decade ago, Affinity has grown to become the leading provider of the most sophisticated, secure, and best supported compliance monitoring solution on the market. Our impressive and growing client base is comprised of state licensing boards (large and small), recognized alternative programs, professional health programs and treatment providers. We currently support over a hundred clients in North America.


Comprehensive, streamlined and secure

Drug Test Administration

  • Random Testing
  • Collection Management
  • Laboratory Partners
  • MRO Services

Compliance Monitoring

  • Alerts
  • Notifications
  • Reports

Case Management

  • Centralized, Digital Management of:
    • Participant Reports
    • Case Notes
    • Documentation
    • Compliance Records
  • Automated Workflow

Process Based on Partnership

Ongoing collaboration paired with custom business analysis

At Affinity, we take a ‘partnership style’ approach to our relationships with clients. We firmly believe that no detail is too small, and through our continuous business analysis, we work closely one-on-one with clients to understand and identify unique needs, opportunities and key milestones for our clients’ success.

Our strong collaborative relationship with clients begins on day one, and continues throughout the client relationship—a truly end-to-end experience that is key to our mutual success.


A secure, HIPAA-compliant environment that empowers peace of mind

Affinity offers real in-house security expertise in all our solutions. It has been rigorously tested and verified by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) over many years, and vastly surpasses all HIPAA and HHS requirements. The data stored on our server is encrypted using industry standard Transparent Database Encryption, and we ensure accurate test results through the use of SAMHSA-certified labs, our highly secure online environment and certified MRO services.

Affinity extends this relentless dedication to the protection and preservation of privacy and the security of sensitive information. As per HIPAA regulations, we enforce several confidentiality policies including PHI Privacy, Information Security and the Privacy and Security Employee Standard of Conduct.


We empower programs to be accountable to their participants, regulatory authorities, and the public at large.



Programs that monitor impaired professional are under increasing pressure to utilize technology solutions to reduce process inefficiencies, control costs, enhance the quality of service and improve accountability and outcomes. In order to achieve these goals, they must ensure efficient and accountable communication that enable staff to maintain standardized process across participants while eliminating paper and paper-based processes along the way. By providing real-time, actionable information, we afford Case Managers the ability to manage by exception and monitor participant compliance with accountability. This ultimately allows our programs to do what they do best – support recovery and enhance outcomes.


Dedicated Account Managers paired with end-to-end service

A dedicated Account Manager is the key point of contact for each and every one of our clients. This key POC is available on an ongoing basis throughout the client’s relationship with us—both for routine matters and to ensure that our service continues to meet all requirements.

Backing up and reinforcing the one-to-one Account Manager relationship is our Affinity HelpDesk. Affinity Support personnel are accessible by phone, email or online messaging 7 days a week for user questions and issues.

Affinity provides this comprehensive framework of support from the first day of implementation, ongoing through all phases of engagement with the client—a truly end-to-end customer support experience.


Custom, targeted training designed by qualified professionals

Spearheaded by the Account Manager, training begins before implementation and continues on an ongoing basis as needed. Prior to going live with our solution, the client receives a custom training package, designed and delivered by our training team—everything from on-demand guides and how-to videos to face-to-face and online training sessions. As client needs evolve—the need for refresher training prompted by staff turnover, for example—we continue to provide relevant training targeted to current requirements.

In all our training initiatives, client needs are first and foremost, culminating in customized, targeted training solutions that ensure easy adoption and maximization of the benefits of our solution.