What is the West Virginia Lawyers Assistance Program?

Research shows that members of the legal profession are more than twice as vulnerable to mental/emotional health issues than the general population, because few occupations are as stressful and the competition, long hours, high expectations, complexity of practice management and win-lose scenarios can wear down even the most energetic lawyer. This can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, career challenges, relationship issues, financial problems and/or alcohol and substance abuse. WVJLAP offers to help lawyers who are experiencing any mental/emotion or physical health issues that may affect their ability to practice or serve in a competent and proficient manner.

WVJLAP helps with a variety of issues

Stress & burnout, anxiety, depression, work/life balance, substance abuse, co-dependency/relationship issues, conflicts with colleagues or family, compulsive behaviors, codependency, grief, and more.  No problem is too big or too small.

WVJLAP offers numerous services

Consultations, assessments, interventions, healthcare resource referrals, peer support services, peer support groups, education, crisis and office management assistance.

WVJLAP is free

There is no fee for WVJLAP services. WVJLAP is entirely funded by the West Virginia Supreme Court through the West Virginia State Bar and independent fundraising efforts.

WVJLAP is anonymous

WVJLAP accepts anonymous referrals from individuals who have concerns about a peer, partner, colleague, law student, bar applicant or judge.

WVJLAP is confidential

WVJLAP is a confidential service provided for pursuant to the West Virginia Supreme Court Rules. WVJLAP never initiates a complaint or reports a self-referral to any disciplinary agency without participants consent.