The WVJLAP LapQuest E-Newsletter


The WVJLAP LapQuest E-Newsletter

The goal of the WVJLAP LapQuest is to better connect the WVJLAP with our JLAP volunteers, JLAP participants and State Bar leaders and staff. We envision the WVJLAP LapQuest as a place where we can share articles and information – from lawyers’ personal stories and perspectives on the practice of law, to national mainstream news articles about the effects of stress and strategies for work-life balance. You are invited to forward the WVJLAP e-Newsletter to anyone whom you think may have an interest. Anyone is invited to subscribe directly to receive it.

All subscriptions are confidential and anonymous…no one will know the WVJLAP e-Newsletter is in your inbox unless you give them access to your inbox. We are also accepting article submissions from anyone who may be interested.

Our hope is that the WVJLAP e-Newsletter provides a small dose of inspiration to you in your day-to-day law practice, and reminds you that you are not alone with whatever frustrations or issues you encounter in your legal career and life.

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The WVJLAP is entirely separate from the State Bar, Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Judicial Investigation Commission, and the Board of Law Examiners. Information received by the WVJLAP concerning any lawyer seeking help or to whom assistance is offered is confidential. The confidentiality provided by Rule 7 of the Rules of West Virginia Judicial and Lawyer Assistance Program is that of the attorney-client privilege. Rule 7 also protects communications from the spouse, child, or friend of the lawyer suspected of having a chemical dependency and/or mental health problem, and are treated as confidential.